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November 30, 2022  

Triple Drain Pinball Podcast Ep 27: Travis Is All Over Bond!

Triple Drain Pinball Podcast Episode 27: Travis Is All Over Bond!


Hosts: Joel Engelberth, Tom Graf, & Travis Murie


In this episode we catch up on Free Play Florida, as well as some of the newer games that have been added to our collections. We dive deep into some Godzilla strategies… well “deep” for some of us. Travis shares his first-hand experience with Bond now that he has one. We also share our thoughts on what we are expecting from Bond 60th, as well as Joel’s first impressions of a Pinwoofer kit. Feel free to come laugh along with us!... I miss Karl already. 








Shoutout to Jackson Gee and his incredible artwork.


November 28, 2022  

Silverball Chronicles Ep 27: A Brief History Of Pinball

Silverball Chronicles with David and Ron

Episode 26: A Brief History of Pinball

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Topic Starts at 10:03

Episode Summary

A Brief History of Pinball is a great place to begin! Let’s wind the clock back WAYYY back. We're going to visit the beginning of many 'games' in the early days of fancy pants Europe, the importation of table games to America, New Jersey's part in all this, Harry Williams, Wayne Neyens, and all those innovations that make pinball, pinball!
Baffle Ball, Ballyhoo, Contact, Skyscraper, World’s Series, Rockelite Humpty Dumpty, Triple Action, Saratoga, Army Navy, SuperJumbo, Balls-a-Poppin’, Vegabond, Swing-Along, The Spirit of ’76, Flash, Gorgar, Checkpoint, Revenge from Mars, and The Wizard of Oz.

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November 24, 2022  

The Pinball Tapes Ep 6: Whirlwind

The Pinball Tapes Episode 6: Whirlwind
Host: Zac Coligan
This entry to The Pinball Tapes is none other than many enthusiasts’ favorite System 11 pinball machine…A Storm Is Coming… 
Bowen Kerins - Whirlwind
EP:71 - Chris Granner: Pinball Sound Mastermind
Ep 13: Pat Lawlor Part 2 - Williams Wreck’n Ball



November 23, 2022  

Pinball Party Podcast Ep 13: Thank You Gobstoppers

Pinball Party Podcast Episode 13: Thank You Gobstoppers


Host: Jason

Guest hosts: Doc Monday and Cale Hernandez


Third time's a charm. The Nudge boys and I discuss what we're thankful for on the top 25 Pinside games. We regale tales of embarrassment, declare the "best" pinball trilogy of all time, and off-the-cuff mention a new CGC remake title?! 


Show notes:

- Thankful for so many games

- Jurassic Park ‘Figure It Out’

- Jurassic Park Flipper Gate 

- Jurassic Park does a cartwheel

- Thankful for more games and gobstoppers

Nudge Pinball: 

Voicemail: (262)-528-6625



Neon Dale:  


November 21, 2022  

The Pinball Show Ep 117: Danksgiving

The Pinball Show Episode 117: Danksgiving 


Hosts: Dennis Kriesel & Zach Meny


- Pinball Thankfulness

- Stern Pinball Production Updates

- Zombie Nug or Yeti Error?

- Stern Making Big Moves

- Franchi Bond

- Mando Topper, Mando Controversy

- Cactus Canyon LEs Shipping

- Cactus Canyon Gets Doors

- JJP’s Upcoming Inside & On Top

- Don’t Go Breaking Sir Steve Ritchie’s Heart

- Tempering Expectations 

- Pinball Market Trends

- Deal Of The Week



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November 17, 2022  

Triple Drain Pinball Podcast Ep 26: We Upgraded!

Triple Drain Pinball Podcast Ep 26: We Upgraded!


Hosts: Joel Engelberth, Tom Graf, & Travis Murie?


Special Guest: Karl DeAngelo


In this episode we discuss once again our thoughts of mechs in pinball, as well as some of the games we have played recently. Joel finally got his Godzilla Premium and he gushes over that for a while. We also sprinkle in some tournament talk from two of the best tournament players in the scene today, and finish with a Triple Combo on JJP’s Guns N Roses! Don’t worry if things sound different… I promise it is better for everyone ;)








Shoutout to Jackson Gee and his incredible artwork.

Shoutout to Karl DeAngelo and IEpinball on Twitch

November 16, 2022  

Pinball Party Podcast Ep 12: Serious Buffalo

Pinball Party Podcast Episode 12: Serious Buffalo


Host: Jason

Special Guest Hosts: Nick Lane and Kevin Manne


The Buffalo Pinball Bros. join the Party to talk about beef, loads of pinball, and help me review Attack From Mars!


Show notes:

- Meff made a whoopsies

- Listener segway alley-oop 

- Getting to know Nick and Kevin's balls

- Review: Attack From Mars



Buffalo Pinball

Voicemail: 262-528-6625



Neon Dale:  


November 13, 2022  

Free Play Pinball Podcast Ep 19: Feels Like The First Time

Free Play Pinball Podcast Episode 19: Feels Like The First Time


Host: Amanda Hamilton

Special Cohost: Craig Bobbie


They talk what was good, what was better, and what makes them excited for the next go-around. Special thanks to Flip N Out Pinball and Flippin' The Script On Autism for such an amazing show!


November 11, 2022  

Final Round Pinball Podcast Ep 62: Exposé

Final Round Pinball Podcast Episode 62 - Exposé
Hosts: Jeff Teolis & Martin Robbins
Let me be the one to insist that you come go with me, because we are past the point of no return.
Martin & Jeff are back with tears of joy and sorrow. It's a heartwarming episode sure to disappoint and make you unsubscribe.
Enjoy! Or not. We don't care.
Direct feed to Final Round Pinball Podcast:
Email us at
Instagram @finalroundpinballpodcast
Twitter: @finalroundpin
November 10, 2022  

Pinball Party Podcast Ep 11: Just Another Pinball Party

Pinball Party Podcast Episode 11: Just Another Pinball Party


Host: Jason

Guest host: Joel Engelberth


Another slow news week so we dig more into the secondary market and try to figure all this out. Then Joel Engelberth from TPN joins me to help talk about his balls and Stranger Things!


Show notes:

- Listener stuff

- Extended figure it out

- Getting to know Joel's balls

- We review Stern's Stranger Things (pro and prem)


Acrylic pinball

Voicemail: 262-528-6625



Neon Dale:  


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