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March 27, 2020  

Final Round Pinball Podcast Ep 4: Andreas Pedersen, The Best Tourney Format as a TD, & Streaming Tips From Home

Final Round Pinball Podcast Episode 4: Guest Andreas Pedersen, the best tourney format as a TD, & streaming tips from home

Hosts Martin Robbins & Jeff Teolis discuss a variety of topics.

- Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen joins us to talk about different formats on, and helps your game with
- What's the best tournament for you to set up as a Tournament Director
- sponsor of the week
- Plus, tips to start streaming from home

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March 23, 2020  

The Pinball Show Ep 6: Wrap It, Strap It, Set It, and Forget It

The Pinball Show Episode 6:

Hosts: Ken Cromwell & Zach Meny

- P3 Multimorphic Reveals Heist

- Manufacturer Delays, Shutdowns, & Moves (Stern, Spooky, American, deeproot, Haggis)

- Haggis Pinball's Celts' Third Playfield Option

- Stranger Things Gets The Cleland Sound Treatment

- Pinball Machine Rental 

- Pinball Market Trends

- Outtakes


March 22, 2020  

Top 3 With Orby Ep 3 - Ways To Save Your Local Barcade

Orby discusses his top three ways to support your local barcade during some unfamiliar times.

March 20, 2020  

The Plumb Ep 3: Arcades, Not Grenades

In the third installment of "The Plumb" Krystle takes a car ride and she is not alone.

“LAX & The Pintern” “Krystle’s trip to Loiusville arcade expo and the return of Bumper 2 Bumper”

March 19, 2020  

Silverball Chronicles Ep 2: Stern Electronics…No, Not That Stern

Silverball Chronicles w/ David Dennis and Ron Hallett

Episode 2: Stern Electronics… No, Not That Stern

Before Stern Pinball Inc., which dominates the pinball landscape today, there was Stern Electronics, our second episode’s topic. We cover where Stern Electronics came from, Sam and Gary Stern’s early years, Dave mispronouncing names, the change from electro-mechanical pinball to solid state, the sketchiness around that transition, legendary designer Steve Kirk, Stern’s wild art, and the death of Stern Electronics.

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March 18, 2020  

Silverball Stories Ep 2: New In Box Blues

Silverball Stories: An Auditory Pinball Storytelling Experience

Episode 2: New In Box Blues

Host Joshuah Jacobs illustrates for the listener the experience of receiving and setting up a brand new pinball machine. He also takes the listener on a nostalgic trip back in time to relive life in the 1980s. 


Also check out Josh's other pinball podcast: This American Pinball

March 16, 2020  

The Pinball Show Ep 5: Feeling Slap Happy During A Global Pandemic

The Pinball Show Episode 5: Feeling Slap Happy During A Global Pandemic

Hosts: Ken Cromwell, Dennis Kriesel, & Zach Meny

- The cancellation of pinball shows

- How coronavirus may affect the industry

- TWIPY ceremony modifications

- Scott Danesi discusses Rick and Morty design and adjustments

- Ken and Dennis disrupt Pinball Market Trends

- Outtakes


March 12, 2020  

TPS Midweek Ep 3: Go Go Gadget Hot Wheels

The Pinball Show Midweek Edition Episode 3: Go Go Gadget Hot Wheels

Hosts: Ken Cromwell & Zach Meny

- American Pinball's Hot Wheels Reveal

- Gerry hyping hard on next Multimorphic game

- Is TPF and MGC happening?

- National Championship Series Winners

- Whatcha Playin'?

- Stern Pro Circuit Championship Tickets Giveaway

- Outtakes (Ken's Love for Stone Temple Pilots)


March 11, 2020  

Final Round Pinball Podcast Ep 3: NACS, Women’s World, ECS, deeproot, & MORE!

Big show this week on FINAL ROUND pinball podcast and a lot of topics with Martin Robbins & Jeff Teolis

- Discussing some recent Steve Ritchie games
- ECS recap with Dina & Jim Lindsay
- coronavirus discussion
- long length of tourneys
- Steven Bowden talks about: being the top seed at the upcoming Stern Pro Circuit, the release of Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland (RAZA) from deeproot in 2 week, Texas Pinball Festival and more
- Sponsor Of The Week
- Levi Nayman and the NYCPC
- Pincade recap from New Zealand including the System 11 World Championship and the Fish Tales Symphony
- Martin & Jeff’s dream themes crushed by each other
- fanmail questions answered

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Instagram @finalroundpinball

March 6, 2020  

The Plumb Ep 2: Feeling Guilty

Krystle discusses her recent pinball guilt, the upcoming pinball show season, and listener feedback.