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June 26, 2022  

The Aussie Pinball Podcast Ep5: Wayne Gillard

The Aussie Pinball Podcast Episode 5: Wayne Gillard


Host: Dr. John Cosson

Special Guest: Wayne Gillard


This episode we are joined by Wayne Gillard from Melbourne. We discuss his purchase of the Bally/Williams assets, his attempt at remaking Medieval Madness, and whatever happened to “The Crocodile Hunter” pinball machine. Wayne shares his views on the viability of manufacturing a machine in Australia, and why pinball prices are going so high!


Music – Melodysheep – Crocodile Hunter

Rain – Dragon

Up There Cazaly – Mike Brady

You’re the voice – John Farnham

Cheap Wine – Cold Chisel

Sadie the Cleaning Lady – John Farnham

I’m Alright – Caddyshack

I will Survive – Pricilla Queen of the Desert

Throw your arms around me - Hunters and Collectors



June 22, 2022  

Triple Drain Pinball Podcast Ep 19: Big Woody

Triple Drain Pinball Podcast Episode 19: Big Woody


Hosts: Joel Engelberth, Tom Graf, & Travis Murie


Buckle up as we discuss our final thoughts on owning GNR, as well as doing an in-depth breakdown of JJP’s latest release Toy Story 4! One of us happened to have already bought the game and has achieved the final wizard mode multiple times. Come listen in as we give a first hand account of the depth of TS4’s code and layout. Have fun!








June 20, 2022  

The Pinball Show Ep 103: Toy Story 4 Release, Analysis, & Reactions

The Pinball Show Episode 103: Toy Story 4 Release, Analysis, & Reactions


Hosts: Dennis Kriesel & Zach Meny


- JJP Releases Toy Story 4 Pinball

- TS4 Launch, Reactions, Models, Pricing, Features, Design, Rules, Licensing, Target Audience, & Operator Woes

- Things I Like, Things I Don't About JJP Toy Story 4

- Possibly Raising Lawlor's Jersey Into The Rafters

- Stern Pinball Production Updates

- Stern Pinball Insider Connected Worldwide Leaderboard Feature

- TNA 2.0 Additional Details

- Top Stories w/ Craig Bobbie

- Pinball Market Trends

- You Mad Bro?


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June 19, 2022  

Silverball Chronicles Ep24: Data East - Fake It Til Ya Make It

Silverball Chronicles Episode 24: Data East - Fake It Til Ya Make It


Hosts: David Dennis & Ron Hallett Jr.


Topic Starts at 9:00


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Episode Summary 

It is often through failure that we learn and after the collapse of Stern Electronics, Gary Stern did not give up. He collected himself over a year and then would work with Joe Kaminkow and Shelley Sax on building Data East Pinball. Often the butt of jokes on quality, code depth, and artwork, Data East would become the only survivor of the 1990s pinball collapse and is now known as Stern Pinball Inc. 


This month we take some time to look at early Data East Pinball where Dave and Ron dive into the collapse of Stern Electronics and who owns their Intellectual Property (IP), PinStar Inc., Joe Kaminkow becoming Dave’s best friend, the unsung hero of Data East Pinball Ed Cebela, Navy-issued uniforms, Robocop’s awesomeness, how time travel actually works, the rise of The Simpsons, and the legacy of Data East.  


Big Thanks to Mike Winne for helping with this episode! 



Pinside at

Wikipedia. Gottlieb. Here

RiYL Podcast Ep 161: Stern Pinball CEO Gary Stern.

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- Gary Stern, Ep 96

- Joe Kaminkow Ep 68 and EP 50

Super Awesome Pinball Show, S1-E4 – Joe Kaminkow 

Loser Kid Pinball Podcast Ep 68

Pinball News-Pinball Magazine PinCAST, June 2020: Gary Stern 75th Birthday Interview Part 1

TV Tropes. Joe Kaminkow Bio. Here

Internet Pinball Database. 

  • PinStar Game List. Here
  • Data East Game List. Here
  • Ed Cebula’s Game List. Here

Total Recall Video. Here
Shalhoub, Michael (2004). The Pinball compendium: 1982 to Present. Schiffer Publishing, Lt. Here


June 13, 2022  

Final Round Pinball Podcast Ep 57: Pinball Story

Final Round Pinball Podcast Episode 57: Pinball Story
Hosts: Martin Robbins & Jeff Teolis
You've got a friend in Martin & Jeff. We're back! Hear us discuss:
- what have we been doing?
- who did what to whom?
- when is it happening?
- why can't this be true?
- and other dirt you won't find anywhere else!
Point is...listen if you want the goods.
email us at
Instagram @finalroundpinballpodcast
Twitter: @finalroundpin
June 7, 2022  

The Pinball Show Ep 102: Let It Go

The Pinball Show Episode 102: Let It Go


Hosts: Dennis Kriesel & Zach Meny


- Cookie Monster Paint Job With A Side Of Flail

- Stern Pinball Updates & A Sneaky Topper Shipment

- Rumors About JJP's Next Game Trim Options

- Our Take On Elwin's Walk Off During The IFPA World Championships

- American Pinball's Dave Fix Talks Missing Out On Sega's Sonic License, His Openness To Manufacture deeproot Games, Consideration With Retheming J-Pop's Houdini, & Continued Street Releases

- Haggis' Fathom Revisited Machines Starting To Slowly Ship Out

- Possible Further Delays On Chicago Gaming's Cactus Canyon Remake LEs

- Multimorphic Updates & The Idea Of Additional Songs As Paid Downloadable Content

- Pinball Market Trends

- How Much Is Too Much For A Pinball Mod?


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June 6, 2022  

The Pinball Tapes Ep 3: Sinbad Part II

The Pinball Tapes Episode 3: Sinbad Part II


Host: Zac Coligan

Special Guest: Duncan 


One Game. Two Episodes? This Is The Pinball Tapes.
In Episode 3 of The Pinball Tapes, Zac dives back into the iconic 1976 Gottlieb System 1 pinball machine: Sinbad. This time, he does so with his pinball mate Duncan.
The Sea Thieves (Spotify - my latest record “Disquiet" featured in the episodes)
Silverball Chronicles Ep 5: Stepping on Rakes - Gottelib System 1
instagram: @thepinballnetwork
twitter: @therealTPN
June 4, 2022  

The Aussie Pinball Podcast Ep 4: Jimmy Nails

The Aussie Pinball Podcast Episode 4: Jimmy Nails
Host: Dr. John Cosson
Special Guest: Jimmy Nails, Owner of Netherworld in Brisbane and organizer of the Brisbane Masters, the largest tournament series in Australia
We chat about Jimmy's history, what went into setting up the largest on-location pinball bar in Australia, and find out his taste in movies, music, and holiday locations!
Feel free to contact the show at for further information or feedback. 
Music    Slim Dusty – Pub with no beer

              The Presets – Martini, The Girl and the Sea

              Peep Temple – Carol

              Craig McLaughlin – Mona

Movie – Wake In Fright (Outback in USA release)


June 1, 2022  

The Pinball Show Ep 101: Conceding Satisfaction & Wrastlin’ Gators

The Pinball Show Episode 101: Conceding Satisfaction & Wrastlin' Gators


Host: Zach Meny

Special Guest: Greg Bone




- Gator Tater & Baking With Bone

- Pinball World Championships: What In The Hell Was Keith Elwin Doing?

- NEW SEGMENT: TPN Highlight Of The Week - You Decide The Outcome!

- Breaking News

- Con Air: The Pinball Adventure

- E.T. Pin Home?

- Stern's Sonic Troll

- Top Stories w/Craig Bobbie: The Often Overlooked Smaller Companies

- Pinball Brothers Wants To Be 'Worthy'

- Jersey Jack Pinball Production Clarification

- The Upcoming Northwest Pinball & Arcade Show

- Shocking Data Coming From Pinball Market Trends 2.0

- Unbelievable Upcoming Enhancement Collection From Medisinyl Mods

- Zach and Stern Team Get Interviewed For Luckbox Investment Magazine

- TPN Babies Content Winners Announced




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May 31, 2022  

Free Play Pinball Podcast Ep 16: Talking Shop With Jersey Jack’s Peter Dorn

Free Play Pinball Podcast Episode 16: Talking Shop With Jersey Jack's Peter Dorn


Hosts: Amanda Hamilton & Bill Webb

Special Guest: Peter Dorn, Jersey Jack Pinball's Project Manager


Amanda and Bill sit down with the most mysterious man in pinball, Mr. Peter Dorn of Jersey Jack Pinball. The crew dives into who he is, what he does, and how he will impact the future of JJP. 


Mild Language: Listener Discretion Advised






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