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November 19, 2020  

The Plumb Ep 7: Interview w/Marty Robbins

The Plumb Episode 7: Interview w/Marty Robbins


Host: Krystle Gemnich


Show Notes:

- Until next time, Pinburgh
- Pinburgh Stories - Please Share At
- Marty Robbins, Final Round Pinball Podcast, Formally From Head 2 Head Pinball Podcast
- Corona Chat
- Canadian music & Glass Tiger
- Final Round: The Process 
- Fangirling/First H2H Shoutout Ever 
- Committing Time To Hobbies & Passions
- Organizing Tournaments vs Competing
- Watch Pinball Streaming! 
- Please note: Hot Nudge Have Cancelled Their Cola Trip 
- Getting Interview Butterflies
- A "Tolerance For Failure": Growing As A Competitive Player
- Liking "turds"
- Flip Frenzy As A Metaphor 
- The Infamous BMW Ditch Story
- Just Hufflepuff Stuff
Intro Song: "I Love You" By Spacemen 3
Outro Song: "Dont Forget About Me" By Glass Tiger 
Final Round Pinball Podcast: 
Twitter: @finalroundpin 
Instagram: @finalroundpinballpodcast 
Melbourne Silverball League: 
The Plumb:
Instagram: @theplumbpinball
November 1, 2020  

The Plumb Ep 6: Interview w/Artist Brad Albright

The Plumb Episode 6: Interview w/ Artist Brad Albright 
Host: Krystle Gemnich
- It's Fall!
- 2020 sucks but at least there's Marc Maron
- Thanks for the <3 
- Guns' N Roses First Impressions
- Belles and Chimes Cola
- PP is 4!
Brad Albright:
- New dino print
- His process/history
- Starting to sell his art at shows
- Providing the art for the custom/rethemed Led Zeppelin pinball machine 
- Scott Danesi & some car stuff
- Coloring books
- New pinball venues in Dallas
- "Comfortably surviving" during the pandemic
Intro/Stinger song cred: Haim-Summer Girl
October 20, 2020  

The Plumb Ep 5: Interview w/ Stern Pinball’s Mike Vinikour

The Plumb Ep 5: Interview w/ Stern Pinball's Mike Vinikour


Host: Krystle Gemnich

Special Guest: Mike Vinikour


- Mike and the field test program
- Getting the job at Bally/Midway
- Punk Rock and his LP collection
- Mike's pinball collection
- The art of collecting LP's and going to record stores at shows
- Working from home; challenges and adapting
- Mike's input/roles at Stern
- Working the show circuit and doing seminars
- More Midway talk; MK, NBA Jam & Arcade stuff
- Owning games
- Expo and the future of shows
- Fangirlling over George Gomez (Mostly on my end)
- Hobbies as jobs and jobs as hobbies
- Growth in the hobby through COVID 
- More show talks
- Swearing while playing pinball 
- The Punk Vault (MXV's instagram): 
- Xover Episode w/Lauren: Gray: 
April 17, 2020  

The Plumb Ep 4: Interview w/ Pinball Homebrewer Ed Owens

The Plumb Ep 4: Interview w/ Pinball Homebrew Extraordinaire Ed Owens

The Plumb host Krystle Gemnich chats with Ed Owens, the homebrew pinball creator of Ghost In The Shell. They also chat about cancelled pinball shows/conventions, such as Midwest Gaming Classic. And much more!

email: or

twitter: plumb_the

instagram: theplumbpinball

March 20, 2020  

The Plumb Ep 3: Arcades, Not Grenades

In the third installment of "The Plumb" Krystle takes a car ride and she is not alone.

“LAX & The Pintern” “Krystle’s trip to Loiusville arcade expo and the return of Bumper 2 Bumper”

March 6, 2020  

The Plumb Ep 2: Feeling Guilty

Krystle discusses her recent pinball guilt, the upcoming pinball show season, and listener feedback.

February 21, 2020  

The Plumb Ep 1: Pilot (Krystle Gemnich)

Krystle Gemnich (host) introduces herself and the direction of her new podcast.

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