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February 17, 2020  

The Pinball Show Ep 2: Dennis’ Plumbus

The Pinball Show hosts Ken Cromwell, Dennis Kriesel, and Zach Meny discuss the recent happenings in pinball

- The Pinball Network Updates

- Spooky Pinball's Rick & Morty Stream

- Stern Pinball's Stranger Things UV Lighting Kit

- Pinburgh Tickets

- Haggis Pinball Update from owner Damien 

- Chicago Gaming Company Updates

- Pinball Media Fake News

- AND Pinball Market Trends



February 16, 2020  

Off The Record Ep 1: Matt & Liz Pinball Podcast

Listen to Matt & Liz and their take on pinball podcasting.

Off The Record is a "one and done" style of pinball podcasting allowing your single episode to be aired on our network.  Every episode features a new podcaster(s).  If you'd like consideration for your show to be aired on The Pinball Network please contact us at

The commentary and opinions expressed in this show are not necessarily those of The Pinball Network, it's content providers, or it's supporters.

February 15, 2020  

Top 3 With Orby Ep 1 - Players Under Twenty To Look Out For

Orbital Albert discusses his top 3 players (under the age of 20) to look out for!

February 14, 2020  

Silverball Chronicles Ep 1: Steve Ritchie - Before The Mullet

Silverball Chronicles with David Dennis and Ron Hallett 


Ep. 1 – Steve Ritchie: Before the Mullet 


Our topic this week, nicknamed The King of Flow, the bestselling pinball designer of all time, my favorite designer, and the reason why you know or will know what Meniere's Disease is: Steve Ritchie.  


This episode reviews the early life of Steve Ritchie until his first break from pinball in 1982 which includes his early life, how he became a designer, his first years in the industry at Atari Pinball, moving to Williams and designing some of the biggest modern sellers and most innovative pinball machine in this history of the hobby. 



Internet Pinball Database at - 

Pinside at - 

Wikipedia (Steve Ritchie, Pinball Designer) -

Old IRC Chat with Steve Ritchie – Matt Walsh - 

Special When Lit Podcast – Ep. 11

TOPcast Ep. 32

February 13, 2020  

TPS Midweek Ep 1: Stranger Things Updates Or Bobbie And His Beavertail

The Pinball Show - Midweek Edition with hosts Zach Meny and Craig Bobbie

- Stranger Things UV Kit Accessory

- Stranger Things Code Update V.0.84.0

- Jurassic Park Escape Nublar Mini-Game

- Tapping Into The Pinball Subconscious

February 12, 2020  

Final Round Pinball Podcast Ep 1: Enter The Final Round

Hosts Jeff Teolis and Martin Robbins discuss competition pinball for all skill levels in the inaugural episode of Final Round Pinball Podcast. 


February 11, 2020  

Silverball Stories: For The Love Of Creature

Host Joshuah Jacobs takes you on the journey of rebuilding a Creature From The Black Lagoon pinball machine in Silverball Stories: For The Love Of Creature.

February 10, 2020  

The Pinball Show Ep 1: The Pilot

The Pinball Show's Ken Cromwell and Zach Meny launch the new podcast and discuss The Haggis Hammer, Stupid Morning Rick & Morty, and rumored upcoming titles. Plus, Pinball Market Trends!

February 3, 2020  

The Pinball Network Launch Test & List of Contributors

A test episode that also includes a list of planned contributors to The Pinball Network!  The network official launch date is February 10th, 2020.  Subscribe here or in your favorite podcatcher to be updated when new episodes are released!


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