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March 27, 2021  

Final Round Pinball Podcast Ep 30: Seasoned Veterans

March 27, 2021

Final Round Pinball Podcast Episode 30: Seasoned Veterans


Hosts: Martin Robbins & Jeff Teolis

Special Guest: Eric Meunier, Jersey Jack Pinball Designer (POTC, GNR)


Martin & Jeff are joined by Eric Meunier of Jersey Jack Pinball. They discuss:

- The Guns N Roses timeline, design, and teamwork

- Writing speeches for GNR and for TWIPY Awards (Preview?)

- Eric's vision, Pirates Of The Caribbean status, and Is The Sky The Limit?

- Did Martin crack the code and figure out the next JJP machine(s)?!

- Sponsor Of The Week

- Reach-A-Round Winner Jeff S. of Georgia joins us to chat

- Last Two Weeks

- Standing behind your product

- Stern Heads UP & PinClash


- No New Games Coming Soon?

- Worst Fan Mail EVER

- Most Overrated Upate


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