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August 15, 2021  

Final Round Pinball Podcast Ep 40: Overboard

August 15, 2021

Final Round Pinball Podcast Episode 40: Overboard


Hosts: Jeff Teolis & Martin Robbins

Special Guest: Keith Elwin


Keith Elwin joins us and accepts Martin’s fate as we talk about:

- Remembering Pinburgh

- Keith’s mindset in tournaments

- The stages of making a pinball machine

- Following up his first 3 games and looking back

- Pinball rumors

- Limited Edition shocking revelations

- End of competing days?


Plus Martin & Jeff talk about:

- Sid & Marty love

- Sponsor Of The Week

- Pinball industry news from JJP, Stern, deeproot, Multimorphic, Haggis, and Homepin

- Who does Martin like/hate


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