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November 8, 2022  

The Pinball Show Ep 116: Fashionably Informative

November 8, 2022

The Pinball Show Episode 116: Fashionably Informative


Hosts: Dennis Kriesel & Zach Meny


- Christmas Joy and Hallowieners

- Stern Pinball Production Updates

- When Is Your James Bond 007 Pinball Machine Arriving?

- The Landscape Of Future Stern Games

- Finding Rumors In The Darkest, Dankest Back Alleys

- Alien Topping The Charts, But I Thought Numbers Don't Lie?...

- Tricksy Pixie

- Multimorphic's 2023 Plans

- SDTM Receiving The Goldilocks Treatment For A Halloween Review

- Upcoming Happy Gilmore Pinball (DREAM THEME)

- Pinball Awards Season

- Pinball Market Trends

- Hans Zimmer (If you don't know, then can we really be friends?)

- Counting My Eggs Before The Bounty



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