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April 18, 2022  

The Pinball Show: Uprooting Deeproot - Part 1

April 18, 2022

The Pinball Show: Uprooting Deeproot - Part 1


Host: Zach Meny

Special Guest: Blueberry Johnson


In Part One of The Pinball Show Special Series 'Uprooting Deeproot', Zach Meny speaks with hobbyist pinball researcher, Blueberry Johnson, about the fall of attempted upstart pinball company deeproot. Mr. Johnson has compiled an extensive amount of unreleased data from previous deeproot employees and from public information, showcasing detailed information about this failed startup pinball company, per Mr. Johnson.


DISCLAIMER: Content presented in this podcast episode is based on information received from Mr. Blueberry Johnson. The Pinball Show offers this disclaimer because the information received cannot be confirmed as coming from the direct sources, although the respondents were informed of the intentions of this information and were agreeable to it being used in a podcast medium. All of the information in this episode is 'alleged' and not being reported as fact; it is merely a form of reporting information from outside/secondary sources, much of which is for entertainment purposes. 


Blueberry Johnson contact email:


Visual references to the information presented in this episode can be found at








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